Abhishek Kundu – A Friend in Need?

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Today, I am recognized as a Global Suicide Prevention Coach. This journey where I walked from “NO ONE” to “SOMEONE” was not that easy as it may seem. There’s a patch of darkness behind every light, I believe. We generally focus on the brightest part and avoid darkness because we don’t tend to witness it.

My story commenced to shape in Mumbai during the year 1994 when my mother was carrying me to school, she suffered from an unexpected brain stroke. She was lying down on the road for almost 3 hours unconscious. We didn’t receive any help from any of the passers-by. Due to delay in the process of hospital admission, she entered COMA with 89% brain hemorrhage.

For the same, I lost my voice too due to this trauma. In both our cases, doctors told we cannot cure this. Neither my Mom would be able to recover from COMA nor I can talk throughout my life about this. It came as a miracle and her will power that she recovered from COMA and shifted in general bed after 6 months. The outcome resulted her being paralyzed in the right part of the body.

After 8-9 months, and my extreme effort, I started uttering words. I found out that I was affected by a major speech disorder. I was unable to spell my name too. So in my school life, all the students bullied me, cracked jokes, etc for this speech disorder. I continued my schooling with ZERO friends.

We use to live in a rented place so, the landlord feared that if my mom dies, then no one will rent that property and he will face problems so they started to let us leave that house forcibly and they were successful on that. In practical terms, we were thrown out of the house.

That time, I was in class 5 & my Dad decided to return back to Kolkata with my paralyzed Mom. Years passed but the ailment of my speech disorder was far.

Abhishek Kundu has been recognized a director and appointed by The GGA Global Board
Abhishek Kundu Achievement | Abhishek Kundu – A Friend in Need?

It remained the same because leaving childhood home was also a trauma for me. In Kolkata, the same things happened in school. All that bullying, jokes, laughing, teasing, passer-by but I compromised, I remained silent.

In college, my roll no was eleven but I was unable to spell it due to speech issues, so I was marked absent in most of the days. I didn’t receive any cooperation from my teachers too.

After my college days, Mom got more serious and due to financial instability I had to quit studies and I had to join any kind of work but as I was not graduate, I started working in a Chinese food stall as a waiter & dishwasher. There was no salary but some wages. I had also worked in different events for a Tea Co. At the same time, Dad was bedridden too as his lungs were damaged.

Due to a break of study, I was not hired by reputed organizations. My career got down there. After 8 yrs I completed my graduation.

My Mom left us on 10.09.2010 on the day of my birthday. It was very hard for me to believe this truth. But still, I concentrated on my career. But in workplace also,I was bullied for my speech disorder. I kept changing companies and lastly was termed as job hopper but the reality was different. Mentally, I was dying and was confused about my career. I was living a fake life where I was guiding everyone for their betterment & and was myself drowning.

One sudden morning, I decided that in my downtime, I didn’t receive any mental help but I will be with everyone whoever is seeking the same. I will again arise with my different identity and that was the start, still going on and more to go.

After this day, my life’s weapon was my positive thoughts and also my desperation. Here’s just a start, Long way to go.

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  1. Inspiration loaded… Keep on going my friend… A lot more is waiting…
    Himmat krne walo ki haar nhi hoti…

    Lots of wishes 👏💐💐💐

  2. That’s one inspiring story..cannot even fathom the hardships that u have faced…it takes guts of steel to even write considering the past rewinds like a film roll in the mind all over again..I know u r a survivor..and these things makes us more aware that Life is not that rosy and picturesque what people assume it to be by looking at a person..lot of pain and suffering is being it..Wishes to you for your future

  3. I wish and pray to our God that lots of happiness and peaceful life in your long journey .
    I am happy because you are my very close family one.


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