ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Journey in TVF – Niladri Shankar Roy

Niladri Shankar Roy (23 years) hails from Behala, Kolkata and has recently shared his journey in the viral fever as an assistant director with the cognition tree. He lives with his joint family and has done his schooling from Shri Ritam Vidyapith and Bachelors in Media from Nshm Knowledge Campus. currently he is pursuing his Masters in Media from K. C. College, Mumbai and doing a Full-Time job with The Viral Fever as an Assistant Director.

Assistant Director Journey in TVF - Niladri Shankar Roy
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Q1. Tell us something about your childhood, the younger you and the Present.

Well, it has been an amazing journey so far with real-life experiences I had which made me learn ample aspects in life. My childhood wouldn’t have been this great if my mother would not have pampered me so much. She was a film buff.

As we all know, as a child we get to listen to all kinds of fantasy stories but my mother used to tell me stories about Indian films and Bollywood gossips. We used to watch Filmfare and bet who would win what.

Father has always been reserved until I passed my higher secondary exams. My family has always been cultural. Starting from my grandfather and my father who were theater actors for some time. My uncles, Aunts, cousins each one of them knows singing, painting, dancing or any instruments. So it is always there in our family.

Presently I am staying in Mumbai and leading an average life of a creator.

describing my life before joining the TVF
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Q2. What was the turning point in your life when you realized that this is something you always wanted to do in life and have been doing and how did you encounter your present?

As I have mentioned that I was raised watching Bollywood films and listening to Bollywood stories, I always had those things in my mind but never thought I would pursue it as a profession. I wanted to be a chef. After passing the 12th exam I wanted to opt for hotel management. What doesn’t happen usually, my father asked me to go for journalism. On the day of the hotel management entrance exam I decided to go for Media and Entertainment. Now I never liked mainstream journalism, so I went to the NSHM knowledge campus as they had a different curriculum.

Well, I took it as a challenge to groom myself and learn something new. My father had supported me every way he can. I was dying to do something new and I had a conversation with few of my friends and my cousin brother. With the assistance of my cousin’s brother, we started an online entertainment web portal. Through that I started taking interviews of celebrities, movie promotions and all of that. After a point of time I realized I need to do something else. I tried photography, I tried public relations, I tried digital journalism with Filmfare but I never liked where I am sitting and working. So I started doing an internship with Sikhya Entertainment, also into production. It was an amazing and eye-opening journey for me.

After that, I started jamming with my friend Abhigyan Mukherjee where I got to learn more things and I started working as an Assistant Director finally after trying everything. I was in Kolkata then. In the industry, it’s a lot struggle for ADs and there is a lack of process. Less work with less with lack of process made it difficult.

So, everyone of my close friends, we decided to shift to Mumbai. That was another journey as I had financial issues. I came to Mumbai with all I had to give my entrance exam. After I got through, I didn’t have money to come. One of my friend’s mom ‘Shila Sen‘, she called me and said ‘you have to have the courage to go over there and conquer‘, she gave me money for 2 months. And said go over there and get a job in 2 months, take the challenge. I had to say yes. I landed in Mumbai and same day got a call from TVF and I joined TVF since then. Currently working with TVF for more than a year.

College event in NSHM attended by me
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Q3. What made you enter into the world of Web Sketches and how did the transition of bringing out sense to the audience followed within you?

We all have seen TVF making amazing independent content and we all have shown our love for that. Well never thought that I would be working with them someday, haha. Everything was happening so fast I couldn’t believe. Before joining the TVF, I had tried feature film, series, short films, advertisements, etc. But for the content and a new form of entertainment which is a sketch and which I never tried. So it was all adventurous. Well sketches are short but they focus on various aspects of society in a different way. It might be a comedy, drama or any fictional or non-fictional. 

Audiences have loved sketches because they are seeing something which we never speak but know. So they can relate to it on a very personal level. Audiences are also changing day by day, I love the transition how people are going for content-oriented creations rather than just entertainment. 

screenshot of one of the scripts by The Viral Fever
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Q4. How is life in TVF, how exactly is it different to notice the change in mainstream media and scoop the best out of content to direct for audience?

Well, life in TVF is superly chilled. You feel like you are always with your friends, haha. I love the work environment which is the best thing which makes you feel at home, to be honest. We all are like friends, we work through fun and trust me that’s attractive. We have so much fun in the shooting process as well. It’s a creative place where people are only concerned about ideas and execution.

Well in TVF, an intern is treated equally as an employee. So you get that treatment where you can nurture your own skills. 

It is definitely a bit different. Through digital media, we can express ourselves better nowadays. As Assistant Directors, we are also being able to free ourselves and put some ideas into any project we are doing. We also focus on what audiences want. TVF is also doing great in web series not only sketches. Series like Permanent Roommates set a milestone. Series like Kota Factory, Gullak, Yeh Meri Family some amazing work which has done by TVF in recent times.

Appreciation in Screen by TVF as Assistant Director
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Q5. Who has been your role model and why?

I have no specific role model. I learn every day from everyone. Each person teaches me something which I had no idea, so I cherish them and learn something new every day. 

Recognizance by college for being the runner up in the event
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Q6. What change do you wish to bring in the society through your presence?

I would really like to change rather broaden people’s perception. Also about stray dogs, homosexuality and I want to do something for people who are suffering from Huntington’s disease

Poster of Fathers Vol 2 streamed by the TVF
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Q7. Why did you choose the magnitude of a Sailing career as a director and storyteller and how much does this resemble in your personal life?

I chose a direction because I always loved how writers, directors, cinematographers did their best job in terms of storytelling. My grandfather and my grandmother used to tell me stories about my ancestors and I used to listen to it with my jaws opened, such great narrators. I think it’s all about what you are passionate about becomes your job, nothing could be greater than that.

Directing the Series on the Set in TVF
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Q8. Did you ever feel that reaching the audience could heal or transform any living being near you?

Well, I believe that good content can change your thought processing and thus it can bring a change in your life as well. Today Indian audience is much more content-oriented. People are liking unique and realistic ideas. So I feel genuinely feel that good content can change your life. I will talk about myself only when I was in depression, I constantly watched good films, series to encourage myself, motivate myself. If I can change my own thought process, definitely there are millions of people who are doing the same.

Screenshot from the sets of Baap ko Sab Pata Hai in TVF
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Q9. Tell us about your past works and your upcoming projects.

Well, I have done one feature film directed by Abhigyan Mukherjee. Another project which is a short film will always be in my memories is ‘Palok‘ directed by Ratool Mukherjee which was screened at KIFF, 2018. Worked in a series called Fathers Vol 2 by TVF and now working on a series for Girliyapa directed by Parikshit Joshi. Well I am also planning to direct a short film. Let’s hope for the best.

Appreciation as designation in TVF - Niladri Shankar Roy
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Q10. Any Message to our family of readers?

Well, I would say one thing that I loved about The cognition Tree is that they are promoting young talent which is the most crucial thing for budding talents. I wish you all good luck.

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