An artist that Inspires Artist Special Edition – Debarup Paul

The Cognition Tree Media and Publications brings you the Special featured article of “AN ARTIST THAT INSPIRES ARTIST SPECIAL EDITION – DEBARUP PAUL” which makes you travel through the creative lanes of his life in his own words.

About the Artist

My name is Debarup Paul and I am a Delhi based independent artist. I compose, arrange, produce, write, and sing my own songs. I have graduated in Audio Engineering and Music Production from SACAC (Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication) in the year 2019.

I am currently working on my original compositions. There are also collaborative projects with other Delhi based artists from different genres as well that I am a part of. I also produce songs for various other artists.

1. Tell us something about your childhood, the younger you and the Present.

I was born in Digboi, Assam, and was enrolled in a boarding school in Darjeeling at a very early age. Spending almost 10 years at Goethals Memorial School helped me to become the best version of myself, as we were always pushed towards achieving the most from whatever we did. Since every activity was a compulsion back then in school, I happened to develop various skills in every activity I took part in, be it sports or the annual play. I would refer to my years in boarding school as the ‘Golden Years’ of my life.

After completing my class 10 board exams, I moved to Delhi for my higher education. Delhi was an altogether different world for me. Life was very different here. Initially. it was tough to cope up but gradually life became a lot more fun. Actually, it’s always the people you are with which makes a place beautiful for you. After completing high school, I wasn’t very sure about what I would take up in college. After almost getting myself enrolled in an Engineering college, I changed my plans and ended up in a Mass Communication college. Somewhere, I always saw myself working in the entertainment & communication industry. I guess taking up Mass Communication brought me a little closer towards my goal. I met a few amazing people in college who happen to be a constant support system.

Since I took up music, my thought process and perspective towards life has changed a lot. Now, during the lockdown, I am either doing music or trying to develop a different skill set in something totally different arena.

2. What was the turning point in your life when you realized that this is something you always wanted to do in life and have been doing and how did you encounter your present?

Well, doing music was never planned. It happened to me in the second year of college when I met a few of my juniors who were practicing music in an isolated room. I used to sit there regularly and listen to them. At times, I used to sing along with them and one fine day they offered me to join their band. I started doing the backing vocals in the band and then ended up buying a guitar after a few days. In a few months, I started playing the acoustic guitar and designated myself in the lead vocals in the band. I was all self-taught. And, that’s how music started. I used to write poems in my free time. This was something new for me and I was liking every bit of it. In no time, I started to write and compose songs. I found peace and a certain kind of happiness while doing this. After graduating from college, I worked in a few companies. It somehow did not feel right because I had to distance myself from music and writing. That’s when I quit working for companies and took up music as a full-time thing. I then enrolled myself in an Audio Engineering and Music Production course at Sri Aurobindo Centre For Arts and Communications where I learned all the intricacies of audio. This helped me in ways I cannot explain.

An artist that Inspires Artist Special Edition – Debarup Paul
Debarup Paul | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artist

3. What made you become a lyricist and singer in the First Place?

Like I said, none of it was ever planned. It was just the phase in life that I was going through which led me to this. Sometimes you do not feel like or not able to talk to anyone about what’s going on in your life. That is when you need some medium to express yourself. I think I discovered that freedom of expression in writing what I felt. As per singing is considered, I was always a part of my school choir group. This gave me enough confidence but somehow I always lacked technicalities. When I started off with music professionally, I felt the need to get the basics correct which will in turn help me in composition and so I joined the classes of a renowned Dhrupad vocalist ‘Pandit Prashant Mallick’. My Guru started teaching me the basics of Hindustani Classical Music. I trained under him for almost two years but couldn’t continue due to certain commitments. The vocal classes definitely helped me a lot in learning a new form of music. I will soon be resuming vocal classes as there is a lot more to learn.

4. How essential is this profession to you now? Is it still a regular practice within your busy schedule amid all the other professions you might have invested yourself in?

Well, music is the only profession for me now. I chose to do music over every other work. It is definitely the most important thing for me now. Every artist has to practice regularly to develop his skills in a certain way. As for me, since I am a producer taking up freelance work as well as writing new songs, I do have a certain time of the day which I only invest in practicing for an hour or two. The practice is a must for me as I am not the one who has been training himself since childhood. So, to be able to perform my art, I need to keep at it.

5. Who has been your role model and why?

My role model has to be my dad. He has been inspiring me since I was a kid. He himself was a great footballer of his time and played for various clubs in Assam. So, I inherited all the discipline that he had as a sportsman. With every step I took, he believed in me. He supported me in every decision, even though I have been a fickle-minded kid. He always said and I quote, “You need to be a good person in life before anything. Anything you do, give it your 100%. And, always remember, I got your back”. I mean after such inspiring words, who would ever doubt himself? Who would not want to grow up to be a man like him? A man with honor. A man with discipline. Most importantly, a man who never cared about what society has to say. He has been my hero throughout.

An artist that Inspires Artist Special Edition – Debarup Paul
Kyun | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artist

6. What change do you wish to bring in society through your presence?

I have a dream which not many people know about. It is something that my dad wants me to do and I too always wanted the same. Someday, I would like to be capable enough to open an NGO where I would help the underprivileged in every way possible. They haven’t been lucky the way we have. We get everything we need, everything we want. They on the other hand are people who have not been so fortunate. I hope that someday this dream of mine turns out to be true and that I can give back to society.

7. How did you prepare yourself for your single release? What did you feel before penning down the wisdom of that magnitude?

Well, I think it is the purity in the idea behind my work that helps me to convey the message correctly. I usually write when I am all alone. For me penning down a song is the most difficult thing to do as it requires deep knowledge and research of the topic and also good command over the language the song is in. Reading about the topic helps me a lot before I write a song. It is some sort of magic potion for me. It helps me to get into character. Also, I should not forget to mention my greatest secret before writing. It is ‘Sleep’. I need a good sleep before I write. This helps me to stay calm when I write as writing can be very stressful at times.

8. What keeps the concepts of your creativity always unique?

I think it is the consumption of content that broadens up the mind of an individual. I have been exposed to some great musicians and songwriters who aren’t very much in the limelight but are doing some great work. I believe that the musical taste of a person depends upon the friends he has. Listening to various forms of art helps me widen my knowledge and during work, it helps me to try out different things that I have never done before. Through this method of trial and error, I get to know what can and what cannot be possible in a particular piece of music.

An artist that Inspires Artist Special Edition – Debarup Paul
Kyun | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artist

9. Tell us about your past works and your upcoming projects.

It hasn’t been much time since I started releasing songs. But yes, I have been writing and composing for quite some time now and I have a lot of songs ready in terms of their composition and lyrics. Once, the lockdown gets over, I will be recording a lot of songs that are on hold due to the pandemic. I am very excited about my future projects as the songs are of different styles and concepts and I cannot wait to see how the audience accepts them. I am also producing for various other independent artists in Delhi, all of which will be recorded after life gets back to normal.

As for my past works, I started off with a collaborative project on a song called ‘Chhu Le’ with a Delhi based rapper. This was out sometime in January 2020. Followed by ‘Karwaan’, which I started as a college project in my Audio Engineering School. It is a love song. It took me around 5 days to write and compose the song. This song has been very special for me as I got a chance to record some brilliant musicians in Delhi. Through this song, I learned a lot about the techniques of music production. This song has also been received by the audience quite well. I am happy with the response.

In between all of these, I also released an original Orchestration Piece which turns out to be one of my favorite works. A little self pat on my back for this, lol! Well, not many people have heard it as I have not promoted it as much. I wanted it to grow very organically. The piece is called ‘Unremembered’. If any of you like something intense and beautiful, please do search it up on my youtube channel.

My recent release has been ‘Kyun – A Question to the Youth’. This song was made 3 years back when I was just starting out. This is one intense song which talks about a serious social issue. It aims to inspire the youth who have lost themselves into drugs. It is a wake-up call to them that it isn’t late and that there is still a lot of time to get your lives back. Life is a gift and we mustn’t waste it into such useless and harmful substances.

10. Any Message to our family and readers.

Well, I do not have much to say as I myself have a long way to go and gain experience in life. But, since I have the opportunity I would like to say that ‘ do everything that would help to make this world a better place to live in’.

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