Cancellation and Refund Policy at The Cognition Tree Publications

Books purchased through The Cognition Tree Publications are printed as they are ordered. Because the books are printed on-demand, The Cognition Tree Publications cannot cancel orders, accept returns, or provide refunds on these products.

The Cognition Tree Publications accepts no responsibility for the quality of the content (including misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc.), its design, or overall appearance. Our publishing platform is open to everyone, and the authors decide the content and design quality. Our staff does not monitor or check individual Content before publication through our web site.

If you receive a product with a production defect (missing pages, torn corners, etc.), we will provide a replacement copy. Please send an e-mail to thecognitiontree@gmail.com & Contact@thecognitiontree.com , mentioning your order number and the defect you found.