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13th of June 2020
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Music Kennel – The Sound of Whiskers

Kolkata, 13th of June 2020:

Music Kennel – Episode 8

Music Kennel goes National

While the world is still becoming accustomed to the recent meaning of “new” and the city is coping up with unlock 1.0, View Entertainment is keeping up to their promise of helping the four-legged furry companions. They went live with episode 8 on the evening of 11th June with the talented musician’s line-up.

The line up was initiated with two exceptionally young and promising actors of the Bengali Film Industry, Pushan Dasgupta and Rwitobroto Mukherjee. Being closest to friends and having progressed significantly from being friends at school to sharing a screen on a film, they shared fun stories of their behind the scene experiences. Likewise, they are both effectively associated with a great deal of social work and had been actively participating in the entirety of its exercises all through this lockdown. On the initiative,Rwitobroto said, “this is a beautiful initiative, the first day I was approached to come forward and be a part I jumped into it without giving a second thought.” The candid conversation led up to Rwitobroto taking up his guitar and singing some songs from his songs, while Pushan hummed along with him. “I am a huge cat-lover,” Pushan said, “this initiative is great, and I am happy to see how people are coming forward to do the little bit that is possible on their end.”

The musical performances for the evening started off with Nabarun Bose, one of the most eminent artists from the city, known for his incredible sense of music. He sang a few of his very own compositions, and furthermore, a couple of melodies from the Anupam Roy band and the viewers adored every one of the tracks.

Koustav Chaterjee, who is a singer, songwriter from the city and is also the lead Vocalist of a national band called Riyaz, took forward the baton from Nabarun Bose, keeping up the musical spirit for the viewers with the series of his own compositions. “When I was proposed to come live for Music Kennel, the whole idea of it interested me and couldn’t stop myself. Also, this event is a platform where I feel I can freely share my own compositions.”

To end the session,Debarup Paul, a poet, turned songwriter and singer on screen, an independent artist from Delhi. He performed three of his compositions on his guitar. His guiltless grin and the husk in his voice won our hearts of the viewers.

Music Kennel, is a fundraiser initiative in association with Digital Brain and Furrfolks to help the stray animals. The event is yet to have two more episodes and the line-up comprises known musicians and bands.

The whole idea was to bring together as many people possible to come forward and do their bit, Dibyo, the founder of View Entertainment said, “We are closing to the end of this initiative, and since we have got an overwhelming response from the audience we have planned to keep the line up with the best names on the last two days of the event”

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