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What is The Cognition Tree?

The Cognition Tree is a Web-based collaborative literary & Artistic, Content Creation, Publication, and Distribution Platform in Print Media as well as Digital medium. The Platform revolves around anything which could be artistically and literary recognized, Collaboration for different genres of the blog as well on the individual perceptive ground. Here the minds of individual contributors play a big role in getting an opportunity to get published and to showcase their published portfolio online to our audience.

This could be the publication of any individual in this collaborative platform who has and is contributing in any form of art or literary aspect,  (Poems, Short-Stories, snippets, Ghazals, Shayaris and any form of publishable material solicited or unsolicited), photographers, Interviews that inspires social life, short filmmakers or any such category that falls under the same umbrella, Reviewers and critics, Singers and lyricist, Bloggers of any genre and aspiring artists that could fall in the category of artistic contributors feasible to the organization for collaborative publication.

Our main goal is to reach among the core of individual content creation, publication, and promotion and represent the thread of our unique hashtag of #unityofartists across India.

This collaborative platform intends to re-phrase the most popular wisdom “The Sky is the Limit” to “The Moon is the Limit and that is the only Taj Mahal for Content Creators” by showcasing the minds of individuals and forming a timeline we come across and deliver them their appreciation through acceptance and criticism through honest opinion and proper credentials by the information consuming audience. Thus, making a trend of #unityofartists.

This might look too tall a dream but we are optimistic that this will surely come to pass because we have done our research and feasibility studies and we are enthusiastic and confident that India is the right place to launch this type of business before spreading to other countries across the globe.

What is your Contact Information?

Before contacting us regarding submissions, please read our guidelines. Otherwise, our Editorial Assistants will be happy to assist you via email, phone, or mail.

Our office is open from Monday through Saturday from 9am- 7pm, except for holidays and occasional Media event dates.

To contact our editorial team, email correspondence to Contact@thecognitiontree.com, or mail correspondence to “[Editor’s Name], c/o The Cognition Tree” at the address below. We do not give out the personal contact information of our editors.

Contact Us via Mail

The Cognition Tree

Amanora Neo Towers,

Tower – 94, Flat – 1304

Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra – 411208

Email Us

Call Us
+ 91 8276952813

How can I contact one of the published Authors?

You may mail or email us a letter for the author or you may directly use the back-link of the authors published for confidential communication. We do not give out any contact information.

How do I request permission to print the published material?

Please mail us your requirements at Contact@thecognitiontree.com and we shall look into it.

Do you accept unsolicited submissions? If so, what types of content do you accept for your platform?

We welcome unsolicited as well as solicited submissions. For collaboration, we consider any literary & artistic, different genres of the blogs listed on our website submitted online only.

When is The Cognition Tree reading period?

We accept submissions all around the year. Feel free to be a part of this platform any day.

Do I need to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE)?

No. Because we process all submissions through our online system, you must include your email address and social media links in your submission.

If you are unable to provide an email address, indicate this in your content and we shall proceed accordingly.

Do I need to include a brief with all submission?

We prefer each submission to include a summary of the contributor with your name, submission date, contact information, and a brief bio citing previous publications with links if any. You do not need to describe your submission in more than 200 words.

If you are submitting online, include your Bio and Social Media Links as the first page of your document.

How much can I submit at one time? Can I mail poetry and fiction or nonfiction together?

We do not consider multiple submissions. Please send one submission at a time, and wait to hear a response on the first before sending a second.

If I write flash fiction or flash nonfiction, how many pieces can I send at a time?

Although we don’t publish flash prose very often, we are happy to consider it. Please do not send more than one of these short pieces at a time.

Do you accept previously published work? What is your definition of previously published? Do self-publications count?

Yes, we do publish any previously published work. Material that has appeared in any publication, print or web, would be considered previously published. This includes self-published work.

How many issues of The Cognition Tree are published per year?

We don’t have specific targets.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe online. If you prefer, you may also mail your consent to subscribe and we shall add you to the subscription list.