Interior Designer along with Recipe Developer and Travel Blogger – Multiple passions | one soul – Vishakha Bhuta

The Cognition Tree Media and Publications brings you the Special featured Interview of “Interior Designer along with Recipe Developer and Travel Blogger – Multiple passions | one soul – Vishakha Bhuta” who teaches you that if you have a passion for something, nobody can take that away from you.

Vishakha Bhuta is the chef mentioned in the post
Vishakha Bhuta | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

1. Can you say us something about yourself?

Hi, I’m Vishakha Bhuta. I am an Interior Designer by profession and a Recipe developer and Travel Blogger by passion.

2. While growing up, when did you develop the love of cooking in your life, and do you usually work In the kitchen for long to develop your cooking skills?

I have always been a foodie. I think since the time I was in my secondary school maybe 7th or 8th grade I started cooking. I used to watch cooking shows on tv and try out new stuff in the kitchen. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen as it is my happy place. I try new recipes, cook for my family, and learn new skills.

Recipe by one tea spoon love
Vishakha Bhuta | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

3. After entering into the kitchen and planning what to make next, what is that one thing that motivates you to not leave the kitchen?

My love for food, cooking new dishes, cooking for my son, and feeding him new and good food motivates me to not leave the kitchen.

4. If you were not a recipe developer today, then what might have been the plan B?

Well, this is my plan B. Haha! I’m an interior designer by profession but a Recipe developer by passion. Since plan A took a backseat when I was in China, I moved ahead with my plan B cause this is something that gives me happiness.

Vishakha Bhuta is the chef mentioned in the post
Vishakha Bhuta | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

5. If you can share with us some of the weirdest food combinations that you may have stumbled upon that still made the food look appealing and taste delicious?

Well, khandvi Icecream is one of the weirdest food combinations I came across at Tresind India but it tasted delicious. I mean who would ever think of that. It was brilliant.

6. Since we are in the state of a pan¬demic, we highly need to consider the health factors and plan ways to boost up our immunity, what are the foods that pack in a lot of vitamins, proteins, and iron? How can we amalgamate these powerhouses to make the food appealing?

A lot of fruits and vegetables are packed with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals. Be it our desi oranges, amla, lemons, spinach or broccoli, dragon fruit, kiwis, blueberries, etc.
All these can be used to create delicious colorful salads or smoothies or just have them as they are. They can add color, flavor to any of your dishes along with nutrition.

Recipe by one tea spoon love
Vishakha Bhuta | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

7. Please share with us your nuggets of wisdom for all the young talented chefs who are endlessly preparing themselves to become one of the same versions as you in their near future.

My message to all the young budding chefs out there is to follow your passion and never give up. Whatever you do, do it with love and dedication. Be honest with your work, be unique. Work on your skills. Don’t try to imitate others. Take inspiration. Learn new things. Have patience. And finally, be kind to the food you make. Learn to create a balance.

8. Who has been your inspirational chef?

I’ve watched food and travel shows all my life. These shows have really inspired me. To name a few great chefs, Anthony Bourdain, Jamie Oliver, Marco Pierre White, Heston Blumenthal, Gaggan Anand, Vineet Bhatia, Vikas Khanna have really inspired me.

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