Law Student dropout chasing her dreams being awarded as “100 Leading Ladies of India” – Alice Sharma

The Cognition Tree Media and Publications brings you the Special featured Interview of “Law Student dropout chasing her dreams being awarded as “100 Leading Ladies of India” – Alice Sharma” who teaches you that failure doesn’t defines your passion bur devotion etches your path to success.

She is Author Alice Sharma whose Interview have been featured
Author Alice Sharma | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

1. Can you say us something about yourself?

Hi, I’m 22 years old on this date. I am counted as the “Youngest writer” of India to write and Publish 4 books in a single day. A critically acclaimed writer represented India twice. Won “100 inspiring authors of India” award. Recently, INBA felicitated my success story and selected me as one of the “100 leading ladies of India” award alongside the most reputed professors, lawyers, and the honorable justices. Along with that, I’m the C.E.O & Founder of a social work organization Vastra Aur Zindagiyan Foundation, wherein we have been working for the past two years to uplift the unprivileged sections of the society and provide them aid. A ‘restless dreamer’ is what goes well with who I am. I don’t like settling down to people or things. When I’m not working, you can find me slumping like a sloth bear on my couch, hogging over the most unhealthy food deciding between Bean and loony tunes. haha.

2. How were you as a kid and how are you now in terms of passion, dedication, goal, and metrics of the day?

I’ve been a really hard kid to raise tbh, I’ve given a super tough time to people while I was growing up. Passion comes with direction, I had no direction while I was a kid. The only thing I knew was, I’m never going to take the straight way out. I have been an average student. People actually don’t believe that now but that’s the truth. PTM used to be a nightmare. Haha. The only thing that I was sure about in my years of growing up was that I have a passionate mind. I can make the most impossible things come true if I commit to them. While growing up, we all have our dream colleges, right? I had them too! But, being an average I could not get myself an admission into any of those. Within two years, the same colleges were inviting me as a motivational speaker. Tables do turn, only if you have your will strong enough.

Q3. What do the people recognize you for in most of the steps in your career?

People who have been there, with me since the very beginning, know, how I’ve built my story from the scratch, in all literal terms. If I talk about people in general, they celebrate the times when I got myself into the India Book of Records, the most. That was huge. When you know you’re the only one in your country, with a population of 135 crores, to do this one huge thing. It’s a feeling that can make you high, not literally though. haha. They recognize me for the sheer passion I show to turn the impossibilities into realities.

4. If not this, what could have been Plan B?

As weird as this might sound, I’ve never been the kind of person to have a ‘plan B’. I’ve never had a plan B in life. I go with this conception, that whatever I’m doing right now at this moment, I have to put into it, all that I’ve got to turn this into a reality. Sleepless nights, sweat, skills, passion, I give in my all, to make my plan A, a success. If it’s about my dreams? There’s no plan B. There’s only Plan A, that I make work out, anyhow. The only Plan A I have right now is to do one great thing each year, that’ll continue to live, even when I’ll be long gone. My name would continue to live. That’s the only direction I work in.

5. What was the pain point you identified that made you into such an amazing transformation?

I’ve always been of the opinion, that nothing can get you going until you get tired of your own life patterns. The best motivation comes when you’re standing on the edge of being an absolute failure. No success can transform you, the way failure does. Two years back, I had extreme stage fear, I could not even hold the mic and address people properly, today I go and have sessions with a crowd of 500-600. Two years back, anyone could come and make me feel insecure about my own plans, today people can shout into my ears that my plans won’t work, I would make it work and teach them how. There’s a reason I love my failures more than my success, I’ve lived through them and they’ve transformed me, inside out.

6. What is that one thing that doesn’t let you turn back?

A hundred people are waiting to see me fail. Moreover, I tend to navigate my way upwards, because I keep my mind numb to success. Success stories are meant to be read by other people. I don’t celebrate my success, tbh, I’ve not celebrated even one of the great things that have happened, yet. I have a restless mind, I don’t like settling down, I believe it weakens our sense to conquer. Ofc, I feel proud of all the achievements I’ve been through, but I don’t believe in wearing them as a badge, they just weigh you down. I like keeping my mind, numb and restless, that is always chasing new standards and navigating my way upwards.

7. What according to you is still the most crucial achievement out of all that you have etched in your name?

When INBA honored me as one of the 100 leading ladies of India, that was something I still connect the most with. I come from a family where half of them are lawyers. I dropped out of the law college just after clearing the entrance. Obviously, when you go against a hereditary norm in your family, you face the outrage, but three years later, I made that moment happen. When I was getting awarded by the INBA alongside the most reputed lawyers and honorable justices from the High Court. While I was 22, the youngest to get the award. So, for all the right reasons, the INBA moment remains the closest to my heart.

8. Who has been your role model for you?

Um, I’ve never ever looked up to someone in my life. I’ve never believed in the idea of having an inspiration. Tbh, I am not the kind of person who would go with the ideas of being motivated by someone’s story. Ofc, I do listen to them. I do respect their struggles and their way to success, But they don’t stay with me, somehow.

If there’s one story that has been living inside me, it’s my own. I don’t believe in role models. My failures are the only inspiration and motivation I would ever lean on. They make me strong. They make me who I am.

She is Author Alice Sharma whose Interview have been featured
Author Alice Sharma | The Cognition Tree | Unity of Artists

9. What change do you want to bring to this society?

Being the cornerstone to a social work organization, Vastra Aur Zindagiyan, there are endless fields that I would want to make a change in.

As a team, we at VAZ aim to uplift the unprivileged sections, providing them with clothes, sanitation facilities & education. We are constantly making efforts to uplift the status of unprivileged women & to liberate them, by providing employment opportunities.

For the feminist and LGBTQ supporter that I am, I have further plans to stand strongly in support of the LGBTQ Community, standing by their credo and rights.

It’s a long way ahead.

10. Any message to our readers?

“Go with your gut. She knows what’s what.” Don’t let people decide what you’re capable to do. Don’t take criticism from people you wouldn’t go and take advice from. If something inside you says, that you can do it, please don’t give a damn to what the entire world has to say. People who are criticizing you today would be the same people clapping for you tomorrow. Don’t care about them, either way.

I dropped out of a safe and secure future to navigate my way to something that was meant for me. I went with my gut. I stopped being a commercial writer, to go for the India Book of Records. I went with my gut. I turned down the offers from the biggest publishing houses because my terms weren’t being served.

I could navigate my way from being nothing to something, you know why? Because I went with my gut.

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