Addition of Sense of Humor to the Pandemic State through Music has what brought Tejas Gambhir into the eyeballs of Millions

The Pandemic situation in the heavenly earth has changed the lifestyle of many individuals in positive as well as a negative state.

We have also witnessed that the Internet has played a major role in curving the bar of tension and has kept us informed with the visuals while we are in house arrest positively.

Amid such a state, Pune-based Independent Musician, Singer, Songwriter – Tejas Gambhir – made a song that went viral all over the internet. Vidya Balan, Arbaaz Khan, Raghu Dixit, Amit Kumar, Aziz Naseer and thousands of netizens shared the video on Instagram and Facebook which made it reach millions of people within a few hours.

The Cognition Tree has exchanged pearls of wisdom with this Artist to capture the deep insight of his personal and professional life. Let’s dive in.

Please assist us with your introduction and a bit about yourself.

Tejas is a Singer, Composer, Songwriter and he usually writes his songs and also attempts to compose them himself. He belongs to the category of an Indie kind of musician moreover and he is also a stage performer. He has been performing for around 3 years now professionally.

How were you as a child and how were your childhood days? What has transformed in your life personally and professionally?

My childhood has been a normal one just like others, I was a decent student in academics and have started singing since the young age has hit me transformationally. I have been singing in a community temple which has taught me a lot of music sense and has given me an additional chapter of learning.

I have never thought of choosing Music as my professional career, I might in the past have had engulfed myself in the thought process to attempt Music professionally but there was never a forefront decision to do so.

After I have completed my 12th standard in Science, I wanted to pursue engineering but somehow, I missed my entrance examination, so there was no way I wished to halt an entire year and attempt the entrance to commence engineering on the path of my destiny. I chose to pursue Music Graduation and started learning Indian Classical Music formally. After this, I started to get some small task of the same field and most of the time I had to perform for the audience for free as well.

Gradually, I made a few TV appearances and one of the reality shows involved me in a sort of a short film that triggered my shows professionally. This made me commence and start composing my dream band to record original albums, the name of the band stands Amritaansh but unfortunately, I am not the part of the band at the moment but I still attempt to perform in freelance assignments.

When and How did you discover the passion for singing in your life?

My childhood has been a normal one just like others, I was a decent student in academics and have started singing since the young age has hit me transformationally. I have been singing in a community temple which has taught me a lot of music sense and has given me an additional chapter of learning.

So, just like I have mentioned earlier that I have been singing in the community temples for a long time since my childhood days, so performing for me has never been a difficult task, I was always ready for the stage performances and I have been loving to do so. I started to train myself in this field over time and that has transformed me.

I have also participated in a few small competitions and have also bagged prizes for my talent which gave me a boost to perform better and has triggered a lot of my performing ability.

You were witnessed in the list of Viral Videos for one of your original compositions of the pandemic situation in the nation. What was your state of mind while you were penning down the composition and how did you react to it when it reached the Mass?

Yes, just like I have mentioned earlier that I am a Singer, Songwriter and I write my originals. Before this current pandemic situation arrived, there were already hundreds of issues revolving the cloud-like CAA, NRC, Shaheen Bagh and many more to name them a few. I just could not write during those situations which were eating the media in our country. I thought these circumstances would settle down soon but then this pandemic arrived and the volcano of panic attacks in the people of the country took place and the situation got worsen.

It has directly affected the business and the social and personal life of the individuals which also adds up to my professional and personal life as well. Many of my Live shows got cancelled and that was my major source of Income. So, the shows were shifting dates, the venues were witnessed empty and people were already avoiding crowds which impacted my future shows to an unexpected date.

Also, it was noticed that the individuals in our country were seen in the state of panic since we have never lived in such kind of situation ever before. All we should do is to acknowledge measures and prevent unexpected circumstances with the expected cure since panic is not an option to deal with when we are going through a pandemic circumstance.

So, while all these thoughts were encompassing my mind, I added up things together and penned down the song in a very informal tone with casual lyrics. This is how the song came in and I never had this intention to mark myself or my creativity in Viral zone but when I posted this attempt in my social media handles, few of my friends have had texted me and asked me to send them the same in their WhatsApp which just triggered the mechanism of getting more viral over time.

Millions of Eyeballs in Humor of Music During Pandemic
Tejas Gambhir | The Cognition Tree | Our Mirror Your Reflection

How is the present universe in your life different now comparing to life before getting into the eyeballs of the viral list?

So, for me, the only visible change is that I have started to get a little bit of additional attention from people and this has also added more followers in numbers in my social media accounts. But then, I also have many kinds of stuff to release and in that terms of life, it has opened doors of opportunities in terms of my art and I am still amalgamating my creative juices to reach the right door. I am yet to explore many aspects since my art is not filled with satisfactory creative juice in comparison to my writing. But, yeah, I see myself in the room of opportunities and would keep accepting criticism and struggle to reach the right door itself soon.

What is next for you?

So, the next thing for me is to keep writing songs and keep Inspiring people revolving around my circle and reach more and more individuals of admiring state and win their hearts in the concept of relatability. I just don’t want to write originals for the sake of writing but to inspire, to relate and delve into the mind and heart of ones listening.

Any message to our readers?

Right now, in this pandemic Situation, the only message I can give is to stay at home and don’t go out until it’s an emergency.

It’s the best guideline for everyone right now to follow and also take care of yourselves and your family members, and also the people around you. Keep maintaining the social distancing formula but then again take care of people and spread awareness and also don’t panic since this situation will be gone in some time provided, we take care and take precautionary measures and stay indoors.

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