Our Services

Editing Services

Price: Rs 50 per page incl GST

Do you write with the essence of Ink in the Paper? We understand how difficult it is to transition your paper to digital, so leave that to us. Our typist would quickly type and transform your script digitally even before you would expect.

Price: Rs 0.50 per word plus GST

So, you have penned down your first manuscript with all the imaginative skills and tireless efforts which is ready to be revealed to the outer world. But, do you realize that even a small grammatical error could change the meaning of your wisdom entirely? Here is where the copyediting comes in. Our panel of top editors would read every piece of knowledge penned by you and make your manuscript grammatically sound.

Price: Rs 0.60 per word plus GST

This kind of editing involves enhancing the structure of your Novel. This includes trimming the plot to re-frame the construction and fixing the trouble spots which might not go hand in hand during the first read. This happens more often than you’d think: An editor receives a large fiction manuscript for copyediting. During an initial scan of the text, she notices a few trouble spots — for example, the plot is lost in large sections of background information, and the characters are difficult to distinguish from one another. The editor knows the Novel would be better if she could address these issues, but how? At more than 350 pages, it’s a vast apparatus. Her solution? And this happens more often than you’d think, too: She prints out the problematic sections of the Novel. Then she gets her scissors. Yes, scissors, and begins to cut and re-assemble those parts of the story, so that they fall together more naturally and present the story in the arrangement that serves both the story and the reader’s expectations. (Note that by now the editor has taken off her copyeditor’s hat — she’s not quite ready for it!)

Price: Rs 0.25 per word plus GST

Proofreading is a virtual necessity for a manuscript about to be published to ensure that a ‘clean’ (error-free) manuscript is sent to the printer or the ebook processor followed by the readers. Proofreading is done at the final stage of a document where detail-oriented language experts check the text for typos and basic grammatical and spelling errors. Proofreaders also make sure the appearance of the Book is uniform and pleasing and that the style sheet has been followed faithfully.

Book Design Services

Price: Rs 750 plus GST

You choose a Royalty-free picture where we would add in texts and effects to create front and back cover with size according to the layout of the Book. We would also set the spine size according to the number of pages in the Book.

Price: Rs 2,500 plus GST

Where eyes meet and attract the reader into the spell of the cover page at an affordable price, this would be the best suit for you.

Price: Rs 5,000 plus GST

A professional cover always has a professional look and feel. This package would curate the plot and characters to frame the cover page of your manuscript.

Interior Design Services

Price: Rs 2,500 Plus GST

You have written a book in any genre, but the Book isn’t formatted. Here is where we can assist you, our Designing and formatting services would make your manuscript stand out in the form of a Book.

Price: Rs 10,000 Plus GST

If you are an Academic writer and have written an Academic book which contains a lot of table and Images, this package is the best suit for you as you would see your Book taking shape in very less time.

Price: Rs 20,000 Plus GST

Are you an institute, school or a professional organization who are willing to come out with your professional or annual magazine and need assistance in designing them? Our designers will create both the interior and the cover of the magazine. The content is to be provided by you. Any additional illustrations will cost extra, which would be decided while taking the contract.

E-Book Creation and Circulation Services

Price: Rs 2,500 Plus GST

Have you published your Book? Or, do you still have an eBook version of your Book? Ebooks are fundamental these days because many readers are shifting their preference from reading a paperback to an eBook. The eBook has broad marketability and is cheaper than the regular paperback books; therefore, don’t wait, you can be on the next Amazon Bestsellers list.

DISTRIBUTION: Google Play, Amazon and The Cognition Tree Publications Store: Free

We create eBooks for free for the authors who publish their books with us.

Marketing Services

Price: Rs 6,500 plus GST

Seeing your written words getting published and being circulated to the outer world is one of the best feelings, but have you planned about making the release day unique?

Give us an opportunity as we present to you the key factors we would love to perform to make your day special:


• Get ample time to promote before the release.
• Books on Preorder is shown in a particular category on Amazon, thus, increasing the visibility of the Book.
• Preorder creates a brand for the author.
• Take time to plan your launch.
• While the Preorder is on, the printed books will reach you, and you can use it to promote your Book.

Price: Rs 20,000 plus GST

Social media is a platform with an immense crowd and think what if everyone on social media can get a glimpse of your Book before or after it is released? Good thing, right?

We will launch your Book on Facebook live and promote it through Facebook ads and word of mouth. You can do this one month before the release of the Book or right on the day of its launch so that your readers will be well aware of the Book and when it finally comes to the market, people will buy it because they have seen the Book online.


• Promote your Book to a targeted audience.
• Region-specific promotion.
• Target your preferred audience based on age group and interest.
• Promote your Book across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
• Let us set up your social media accounts and manage them.
• Interview with us on The Cognition Tree Media.
• A book launch event on Facebook.
• Book reading live on our Facebook and Instagram page.

Price: Rs 2,000/campaign plus GST

Email marketing is one of the oldest methods of promotion, and it is also one of the most famously used marketing tool these days. Every business, small or big uses them to market their products.

How it works:

• You will provide us with the email IDs of your friends and followers.
• We will create a beautiful email advertisement for the Book with the link of amazon and email each one of them.
• Email marketing is beneficial and affordable.

Price: Rs 2,500/- per Blog plus GST

You have published your Book but are lacking plans to promote it? We will assist you. Blog marketing can help you spread the word about your Book across the internet and so that anyone can quickly found it through Google. Every blogger will direct their readers to your Book on Amazon or any other sales channel by posting the book purchase link in their articles.


• Honest Detailed Reviews on blogs.
• Drive traffic to your book page on Amazon.
• A better option for the long term.
• Helps in building your author brand.
• Better performance on Google rankings.

Author Website Services

Price: Rs 12,500 plus GST

You need a website to create your brand. Many companies provide these services, but if you want professional quality work, you should take our services. We don’t compromise with the quality. We have the best team of web designers who will design you a stunning site.


• Build your brand with a personalized single-page website.
• The website we make it responsive, i.e. your followers can open it in any device.
• We make websites for both small and big businesses.
• We provide hosting and domain free for the first year. There are a nominal hosting and domain renewal charge from the second year.

Price: Rs 20,000 plus GST

The Cognition Tree Publications provides a full custom website at an affordable cost, and no other marketing tool can be as useful as having a website. There are many free website making platforms, but having a free site and a custom website is a big difference. We will provide you with a personal dashboard from where you can regularly update the website and also stay connected to your readers.


• A personal dashboard to make regular posts on the website.
• The website will list your Book, and your readers will be directed to the sales channel where the Book is available.
• There will be various pages like About the author, Homepage, Contact us page, Books and Reviews page.
• The Homepage will feature the author.
• In case the author makes some promotional videos, we can also embed the video on the website.
• The website will have links to share posts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp and others.
• The website will be optimized for both mobile and computer viewing.
• We will also provide a free SSL certificate with the website. SSL certificates guarantee your readers that the site is secure, and it also gives the place a better ranking on Google.
• Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be done in the site to make it visible on Google and other search engines.

One Year Hosting: We are giving the domain name and one year hosting of the site for free.

Domain Name: We will allow our authors to choose which domain name they want to have the website in. In case the exact domain name is not available we will make suggestions and the authors can choose from there.

Editorial Control of Blog and Media Page: You have complete freedom to use the site and manage it from your dashboard, and you can insert media into the blog posts as per your wish.

National & International Distribution Channels Services

Price: Rs 80,000 plus GST

Ingram is the only service that distributes titles to more than 33000 retailers across the globe. Libraries around the world will be more interested in purchasing your Book if you have it on Ingram.

Price: Rs 7,500 plus GST

If you wish to distribute via Amazon and their partner stores, this is the right package.

Price: 60% of MRP

If you have printed copies of your books and you want us to distribute it online on Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues or any other stores in India, we can do it for you. Our best distribution services team will pack and ship the order whenever anyone buys the Book and pay you the royalty on time.

Add-on Services

Price: Rs. 2,500 plus GST

It was your work to write the Book, and your well-wishers and friends might have appreciated you for that, but that is not enough. Books always need a second opinion—review from other people who don’t know you personally and will give you an honest review. The happiest moment for an author is the moment they hear about their Book from a reader. Our editor will read your book and review it on Amazon and Goodreads.


• Honest Review.
• The review will be published on Amazon, The Cognition Tree Media and Goodreads.
• 2 verified purchase Review on ebook/1 verified review on Paperback will be given.
• Review will be shared on Social Media.
• Review will be released on our site also.

Price: Rs. 2,500 plus GST

Plagiarism can happen to anyone, so it is better to be safe than sorry. Get your manuscript copyright registered with us, and we will help you to obtain a copyright registration certificate from the Government of India.


• Have proof that the work belongs to you only.
• We will initially issue you a certificate, but you will get a certificate from the government as well.
• The document is living proof that you are the sole creator of the work.
• Your name and the work gets registered in the Register of Copyrights and Patents.