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What do I need to submit?

• Please send in a detailed proposal of the work which should include a synopsis and the first three sample chapters. We will ask for the complete manuscript only if your proposal is under consideration.

• In the mail body, please include the following:
o Full name
o Email ID
o Contact number

Where do I submit my work?

• Submit via email to thecognitiontree@gmail.com & contact@thecognitiontree.com

• All submissions should be typed up using legible font.

When do I hear back from you?

• Please allow us 48 hours for your proposal/manuscript to be considered.

• If you haven’t heard from us after 48 hours, please consider that we will not be moving ahead with your proposal or manuscript.

• Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors, irrespective of the outcome of the review process. Make sure that you retain a copy of your work.

The Cognition Tree Publications is not responsible for any loss or damage of submitted work.

• If you wish to enquire about your manuscript, please email us a query.

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